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In the fast-paced world of agricultural and industrial analysis, accuracy, speed, and accessibility are paramount. Many businesses face the challenge of obtaining precise NIR (Near-Infrared) analysis results quickly and efficiently. This was the dilemma that prompted our journey in NeoSpectra. That’s why, we asked our customers to share how NeoSpectra has directly influenced their businesses, from their feedback emerged five key themes that showcase how NeoSpectra can empower material analysis operations in various industries.

Solution Overview

Customers within the Video:

Cargill: Kristen Chapman , Dairy Marketing Specialist

PACTECH : Zachery Meyer. CEO

Rock River Laboratory Inc : Don Meyer CEO

DairyLand Laboratories Inc : Kyle Tysom, CEO

Cumberland Valley Analytical Services : Ralph Ward, CEO

CLAYBOURNE CO. : Brent Barnes, VP pf Breeding & Cultivation


Kristen Chapman “So we've been working with Neospectra for about three years now, and it's been an awesome partnership from the beginning. So we started by analyzing quite a few portable NIR devices, um, and narrowed on Neospectra just because of the accuracy and durability of the device.”  

Zachery Meyer “Through our partnership with Neospectra, we're able to give clients accurate and precise readings through artificial intelligence and machine learning. In the palm of their hands, and that is revolutionary science that has not been seeing cannabis testing up until now.”

Don Meyer “At the beginning of looking at handheld instruments, we went down the path of hand held instruments with some other companies that didn't necessarily have the spectral coverage that we felt was necessary to produce good results on, on certain products that we wanted to deal with. And when we, we looked at the, uh, Neospectra as an instrument, covered the spectral range that we wanted to bein. “

Kyle Tysom ”I mean, the hardware is pretty hard to beat, right? Then, the actual spectra that have collected, the type of models you can run, um, against those spectra. You have a very hard time differentiating the quality of the Neospectra from what you can do in a lab-based instrument. The hardware package and the things it's capable of doing at the price point is pretty amazing. At the lab, you know, we've been dealing with instruments from 60, 000 to maybe 100, 000. There's very little I can do on those instruments that I can't do with a Neospectra.”

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Ralph Ward “Well-designed, handheld unit. It's compact, it's rugged, and simple to use. I'm impressed with the footprint, uh, the small footprint and usability of the instrument. Everything sort of comes together well. Uh, the lab store that is associated with, um, the software-hardware that allows you to access, um, models then that can be applied to various feeds, feedstuffs, uh, that lab store is Um, easy to engage the, um, licensing, the billing systems, everything is handled in an efficient manner through that lab store"

Don Meyer “Um, the instrument itself is really a good instrument. I mean, it appears to be very stable. You can, you can take it anywhere and it's going to be working.”

Brent Barnes “You don't need a scientist. To use this system, NeoSpectra will change the day-to-day operations of a grower very drastically. It makes it so easy to collect data that your decisions are now made immediately.”

Kyle Tysom “With on-site analysis, with something like NeoSpectra, I can make decisions like segregating high and low-quality, loads of my incoming ingredients. I could accept the reject loads.  It's the whole set of decisions that aren't available today with lab-based testing.


Kristen Chapman “Where you get results instantly is a huge game changer.”

Don Meyer “You can save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on a dairy with 25, 000 cows.”

Whether you're your own family farmer, like you're a nutritionist going out, it's going to save you so much more time and money. We're not waiting a week, two weeks to get our samples back.

Brent Barnes “Time is money.  Um, that's not just labor. It also reduces labor and reduces everything for us. It's a quick decision that changes the operational schedule of what you're doing.”

Kristen Chapman “So having those real-time results with a portable NIR technology, we can act quickly. “

Ralph Ward “Being able to take a material and within about two minutes have a result, um, I guess that you could almost say that's instant, but it's, it's certainly rapid. And again, it provides information that then can be moved into a management decision.“


Zachery Meyer “It allows our clients to take field-level analytics and store them in a data base that they can go back to and decide what direction they want to take their, business and, and maximize their return on investment. “

Kristen Cha "The portal aspect, that's really nice for someone like me who over sees.  So we have devices across the United States. So I'm able to access the portal and see that our east region is using it a lot. Maybe the West region hasn't used it this month. So I can reach out to them, and ask them questions. Another reason why we love the portal is we can also see the results. “


Don Meyer “Any questions are answered quickly. Any Developments that we would like them to undertake with instruments.  They do a great job of reacting to those requests.”

Kristen Chapman “I've passed a lot of people on to the support team and the only reason I keep doing that is because they're so quick. It's really nice to have that 24/7 support in the field.”


NeoSpectra emerges as the optimal solution for NIR analysis, offering unparalleled accuracy, seamless operation, instant results, accessibility, and dependability. With NeoSpectra, businesses can perform NIR analysis anytime, anywhere. Its impact on businesses is evident, empowering them to make informed decisions, and achieve excellence in their operations. NeoSpectra goes beyond being a technology provider; it's your dedicated partner in success.

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