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DRIVE GROWTH, INNOVATION, AND SUCCESS in your industry with NeoSpectra

Expand your business horizons and offer on-site testing solutions and services to your customers by developing and selling turn-key solutions incorporating NeoSpectra.

Unlock Business Growth with NeoSpectra's Value-Added Reseller Partnership

Value-added resellers (VARs) advance new solutions in their industry with NeoSpectra by customizing, integrating, and supporting cutting-edge NIR spectroscopy technology. This enables efficient on-site turnkey solutions, enhancing productivity and decision-making for their clients. The strategic partnership with NeoSpectra keeps VARs at the forefront of technological advancements, driving innovation within their market.


Differentiate your offerings with NeoSpectra’s advanced NIR spectroscopy technology.

Generate New Revenue Streams

Diversify your income and increase profitability through new products and additional services.

Empower Your Clients

Provide efficient, on-site turnkey solutions that enhance client productivity and decision-making.

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Become a value added reseller with NeoSpectra in 3 Simple Steps.

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Evaluation and Discussion

We will discuss your business objectives, capabilities, and how our collaboration can be mutually beneficial.

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We will proceed with the necessary agreements and work together to ensure seamless integration.

Some partners leading their industry with NeoSpectra

Explore Case Studies From Other NeoSpectra Value Added Resellers

Cultivating Success: PACTECH & NeoSpectra's Innovation in Medical Cannabis

PacTech, an AI-driven company specializing in agricultural solutions, partnered with NeoSpectra to empower cannabis cultivation. This collaboration aims to address major challenges in cannabis testing and analysis.

How NeoSpectra Influences Customer Business'

In fast-paced agricultural and industrial analysis, accuracy, speed, and accessibility are crucial. NeoSpectra addresses these needs, as customers share how it enhances their operations.

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