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Micro-optical bench device with highly-controlled optical surfaces


A micro-optical bench device is fabricated by a process that provides control over one or more properties of the micro-optical bench device and/or one or more properties of optical surfaces in the micro-optical bench device. The process includes etching a substrate to form a permanent structure including optical elements and a temporary structure. The shape of the temporary structure and gaps between the temporary structure and permanent structure facilitate control of a property of the micro-optical bench and/or optical surfaces therein. The process further includes removing the temporary structure from an optical path of the micro-optical bench device.



united states
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Bassam Saadany, Yasser M. Sabry, Mostafa Medhat, Bassem Mortada, Muhammed Nagi, Mohamed Sadek, Yasseen Nada, Khaled Hassan
current assignee: 
SI Ware Systems SAE SI Ware Systems Inc
Status Date: 
July 5, 2018
SI Ware Systems SAE SI Ware Systems Inc
worldwide applications: 
2015 . us us . 2026 . kr au ca wo es ep cn mx jp . 2017 . us us 2018 . il

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