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The selective stepcoverage of micro Process structure


The shadow mask of opening with two or more levels realizes the selective stepcoverage of the micro Process structure in microoptics bench equipment.Shadow mask is included in the first opening in the top surface of shadow mask and the second opening in the bottom surface of shadow mask.Second opening is aligned with the first opening and with the second width of the first width for being less than the first opening.Overlap between first opening and the second opening forms hole in shadow mask, the Selective coating that the micro Process structure in microoptics bench equipment can occur by the hole.


CN 2016800111622

united states
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current assignee: 
SI Ware Systems Inc
Status Date: 
July 30, 2020
SI Ware Systems Inc
worldwide applications: 
2015 . us us . 2026 . kr au ca wo es ep cn mx jp . 2017 . us us 2018 . il

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