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Partner with NeoSpectra to transform your models into revenue, expand your global reach, and enter new markets effortlessly.

Unlock New Opportunities with a NeoSpectra Model Developer Partnership

Model developers are key enablers of NeoSpectra's on-site testing solutions. NeoSpectra is proud to partner with world-class model developers and builds win-win relationships, leveraging their expertise and long-established NIR calibration models to make a significant impact across various industries. Here are some ways partnering with NeoSpectra can impact your business:

Monetize Your Expertise

Transform your existing models into profitable assets with transparent revenue sharing and comprehensive financial reporting.

Expand your network

Partnering with NeoSpectra connects developers with a global network of industry professionals, researchers, and potential new customers.

Amplify Your Visibility

Showcase your models on the largest online store for NIR Calibrations, increasing your sales and industry recognition.

how it works ?

Become a model developer with NeoSpectra in 3 Simple Steps.

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Evaluation and Discussion

We will discuss your business objectives, capabilities, and how our collaboration can be mutually beneficial.

Agreement and Collaboration

We will proceed with the necessary agreements and our technical teams will guide you through all the steps you need Β to ensure seamless integration of your models into our platform.

Top players leveraging NeoSpectra in their industry

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Enhancing Feed Testing with NeoSpectra and Cumberland Valley Analytical Services

Ralph Ward, head of Cumberland Valley Analytical Services, discusses how NeoSpectra's handheld NIR technology provides fast, accurate feed and forage analysis, enhancing real-time decision-making and operational efficiency in the dairy industry.

Empowering Feed and Forage Testing with NeoSpectra and Dairyland Laboratories

Kyle Tayson, CEO of Dairyland Labs, highlights how NeoSpectra's real-time NIR analysis advances feed and forage testing for dairy farms and feed mills, offering fast, accurate, and cost-effective solutions