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NeoSpectra brings highly accurate, on-site material analysis within reach for all.

NeoSpectra empowers quick decisions

Simultaneously measure multiple parameters in your samples for instant, accurate insights. NeoSpectra pairs affordable hardware with predictive models from industry experts, making material analysis accessible to all users whenever and wherever needed.

Our end-to-end solution combines our portable FT-NIR Analyzers with intuitive software and our powerful cloud to analyze your samples and get the answers you need instantly and accurately- without laborious, time-consuming sample preparation. NeoSpectra redefines NIR performance and use through unique FT-NIR technology that enables simultaneous analysis of multiple parameters with greater accuracy, across practically all industries and scientific applications.

NeoSpectra simplifies the science

Near Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy, an accurate, non-destructive approach to analyzing samples, is traditionally performed by scientists in a laboratory on sophisticated benchtop instruments. NeoSpectra successfully simplifies the science, enabling any user to measure parameters instantly from anywhere so that you can react with speed and precision.

NeoSpectra’s end-to-end solution

  1. Robust analyzers for varying sample types and conditions.
  2. Easy-to-use mobile apps.
  3. Accurate and reliable measurements powered by sample analysis models from experts.
  4. Real-time result data transfer to NeoSpectra Cloud Portal for trending and tracking.

NeoSpectra benefits/advantages

Affordable: Low initial investment and cost of ownership
Portable: Measure samples instantly, wherever you need
Accurate: Laboratory-quality performance and precision
Powerful: Delivers the broadest number of accurate simultaneous measurements across sample types
Accessible: Open access to a range of proven sample analysis models via partnerships with leading reference labs

NeoSpectra in industries

Agriculture | Soil | Feed | Pet Food | Pharma | Chemical | Food | Flour | Milling | Grain

NeoSpectra analyzers enable accurate lab-grade material analysis

NeoSpectra delivers broad sample coverage, analysis accuracy, sample penetration depth, instant results and data analytics. Our family of analyzers suit various usage scenarios so that you can select the one that works for you. The handheld NeoSpectra Scanner enables accurate lab-grade material analysis from anywhere. The compact NeoSpectra Puck can be easily shared by model developers and researchers to test applications and collect spectra for building new prediction models. And we have more amazing analyzers coming soon...

NeoSpectra in action

Users get instant, accurate insights to make quicker decisions wherever it is most convenient.

Enterprises increase testing to enhance quality control and optimize service for customers.

Partners and model developers expand services beyond the lab and leverage NIR expertise to generate additional revenue.

Manufacturers harness the power of NeoSpectra to optimize OEM products.

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