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The All-in-one Platform for all NIR Analysis needs.

Using on-Site NIR analysis to drive informed Critical decision-making across multiple industries.

Animal Nutrition

Optimize productivity, ensure consistency, and expedite turnaround times in feed mills, feed labs, and farms through instant insights on the composition of forages, silages, feed, and feed ingredients.

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MEDICAL Cannabis

Utilize cost-effective and routine testing to determine the optimal harvesting time, maximizing crop value and ensuring compliance with local regulations.

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Ensure quality of variety of food ingredients across the supply chain, and  maintain good manufacturing practices inside and outside the production facilties.


NeoSpectra unlocks a multitude of new advantages across nearly any application typically handled by benchtop NIR Spectrometers.

NeoSpectra Scanner Screen

Field Results on Mobile app

Intuitive mobile app provides step-by-step guidance through measurement the process.

Next-Level NIR Spectroscopy

NeoSpectra capitalizes on the longstanding advantages of NIR Spectroscopy, extending its analytical capabilities beyond the confines of the lab.
Wet Chemistry
Traditional NIR
Accurate results
Accurate results
Accurate results
Accurate results
Instant results
Instant results
Instant results
Field operation
Field operation
$50,000 +
Starts from
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A combination of unique features to simplify processes & maximize margins

Imagine what you could do with frequent and accurate analysis of your business' most critical parameters.

more often

Perform more tests while reducing the need for lab testing.


Save time and minimize errors by reducing manual work.


Reduce instrumentation cost and improve efficiency & productivity.

Instant Results
even when offline

Reduce idle time and make instant decisions.

on duty

Industry's best warranty programs.

See what our clients have to say

Zachery Meyer - Best calibrations

I'm seeing calibration statistics that I've never witnessed before and I've been in agricultural testing for almost 20 years.

Zachery Meyer

The Scanner has shown similar performances against FT-NIR benchtop systems in various food applications.

Luis E. Rodriguez-Saona

NeoSpectra is certainly the front runner of any systems that I’m familiar with that are available for field use.

Ralph Ward

The package of hardware and the things it's capable of doing at the price point is pretty amazing. At the lab we've been dealing with instruments from $60,000 maybe $100,000. There's very little I can do on those instruments that I can't do with a NeoSpectra.

Kyle Taysom

The hardware is pretty hard to beat. You have a very hard time differentiating the quality of the NeoSpectra from what you can do in a lab based instrument.

Kyle Taysom
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