Advancing Dairy Nutrition: NeoSpectra & Cargill's Cloud-Based NIR Solution

March 8, 2024

Based on the ‘Global NutritionTechnology, Dedicated for Chinese Customer’, Cargill animal nutrition launchthe innovative digital nutrition service: No.4 generation Cloud based portableintelligent NIR analytical technology.


That technology would be part ofCargill digital animal nutrition service to be introduced to the market throughnationalwide dairy farming specalists

Cargill animal nutrition has beenrooted in Chinese market for 40 years and work consistently on improving Dairyfarming, feed & Aquafeed industry competence through strong R&Dability, deliver innovative feed & premix product service, large databasemodel and formulation solution.

Cargill uses the strong NIRdatabase and the nationalwide deployed NIR device, to help customer to use theforage & feed products efficient and sustainable

In 2023, Cargill animal nutrition wasofficially launching 数赢专嘉 digital nutrition service, which covers NIR analysis, cloud based databse,advanced formulation software, production digitalisation, team training andetc, in order to improve the feed quality.


" We are happy that Cargill couldsupply that innovative nutrition analysis platform to Chinese Dairy farming industry,to hep us to choose the high quality forage & feed product, to monitor theproduction situation timely and improve the production efficency."

----- Professional Dairy Farm Nutrition Director

Cargill cloud based portable NIR customer

‘We are honored together with Cargill animal nutrition to introduce that innovative NIR tehcnology solution to the Chinese Dairy Farming industry. Cargill is the leading company in providing thesustainable precising nutrition for the animal nutrition industry. Our solutionis as part of Cargill animal nutrition digital solution, to ensure Customer control the needing nutrition of forage & feed product during the breedingprocess, to improve the production efficiency.

   ---- Si-WareSystems Sales Director APAC Yang Jiang


About Cargill
Cargill helps the world’s food system work for you. We connect farmers with markets, customers with ingredients and families with daily essentials—from the foods they eat to the floors they walk on. Our 160,000 team members around the world innovate with purpose, empowering our partners and communities as we work to nourish the world in a safe, responsible, sustainable way.

From feed that reduces methane emissions to waste-based renewable fuels, the possibilities are boundless. But our values remain the same. We put people first. We reach higher. We do the right thing. It’s how we’ve met the needs of the people we call neighbors and the planet we call home for 157 years—and how we’ll do so for generations to come. For more information, visit and our News Center.  

About NeoSpectra

NeoSpectra enables businesses to bring the lab to the field, empowering organizations to analyze anywhere through accessible devices that produce lab-level results. NeoSpectra is an all-in-one, universal material analysis solution platform built on a family of single-chip FT-NIR spectrometers. NeoSpectra combines a range of devices, including business-ready devices that have unprecedented performance and accuracy with an ecosystem of supporting applications and calibration models from leading providers. NeoSpectra products deliver instant insights and solutions for industries such as agriculture, food, recycling, oil and gas, and more. NeoSpectra is created by Si-Ware Systems. The company is headquartered in Menlo Park, California, with research and development centers in Paris, France, and Cairo, Egypt.

For more information about Si-Ware Systems and the NeoSpectra platform, please visit


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