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NeoSpectra and Eurofins QTA Collaborate to Advance On-Site Analysis Solutions for the Food Industry

NeoSpectra, a leader in handheld analytical Near InfraRed (NIR) Spectroscopy solutions, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Eurofins Quality Trait Analysis (QTA), a globally renowned specialist in NIR solutions development and implementation. This collaboration is set to enhance on-site analysis solutions for the food industry through tailored turn-key solutions designed to empower all stakeholders in the food supply chain.

In this partnership, Eurofins QTA brings its expertise in method development and validation services, seamless technology implementation, robust calibrations, and development of custom NIR solutions to complement NeoSpectra's all-in-one analytical solution platform. The NeoSpectra Scanner handheld NIR spectrometer, and hardware agnostic cloud portal, LabLake, collectively provide instant, actionable insights at the point of need, reducing the need for traditional lab analysis.

The collaborative efforts include offering turn-key on-site analysis solutions specifically tailored for the food industry. This comprises insights into key quality and safety parameters for a diverse range of food items, including ingredients, meats, grains, nuts, oils, syrups, spices, and more. Eurofins' NIR calibration models will be accessible on NeoSpectra LabStore, the world's largest hardware agnostic marketplace for NIR calibration models. 

Customers utilizing NeoSpectra's LabLake will have centralized control over all results generated in the field from any connected instrument, facilitating informed decision-making for their businesses. This empowers food organizations of various sizes with accurate, cost-effective on-site lab-level testing, fostering swift decision-making across the supply chain.

Mostafa Medhat, SVP Commercial and Product at NeoSpectra, emphasizes the collaborative vision, stating, "In partnering with Eurofins QTA, we aim to drive innovation in on-site analysis for the food industry. This collaboration is about the new products we are offering and our shared vision of a future where real-time insights can provide more transparent and efficient processes across the global food industry."

Anthony Lai, Director, Technical Solutions at Eurofins QTA, adds, "Eurofins QTA's partnership with NeoSpectra is a strategic decision based on a shared commitment to excellence. This collaboration provides a great foundation for increasing accessibility to Eurofins expertise in NIR based methods and analytical solutions."

Food enterprises, factories, and retailers can anticipate a high return on investment, streamlined testing processes, reduced operational costs, improved efficiencies, and the prevention of costly quality mistakes. NeoSpectra is optimistic about the positive impact this partnership will bring to its customers, representing a significant advancement in on-site analysis capabilities for the food industry.

About NeoSpectra

NeoSpectra enables businesses to bring the lab to the field, empowering organizations to analyze anywhere through accessible devices that produce lab-level results. NeoSpectra is an all-in-one, universal material analysis solution platform built on a family of single-chip FT-NIR spectrometers. NeoSpectra combines a range of devices, including business-ready devices that have unprecedented performance and accuracy with an ecosystem of supporting applications and calibration models from leading providers. NeoSpectra products deliver instant insights and solutions for industries such as agriculture, food, recycling, oil and gas, and more. NeoSpectra is created by Si-Ware Systems. The company is headquartered in Menlo Park, California, with research and development centers in Paris, France, and Cairo, Egypt.

For more information about Si-Ware Systems and the NeoSpectra platform, please visit

About Eurofins QTA

Eurofins is the world leading food and feed testing laboratory group, deploying a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art analytical techniques in order to support its clients' increasingly stringent quality and safety standards. 

Eurofins has built a global network of food testing laboratories and Competence Centers that perform more than 450 million assays per year to establish the safety, composition, authenticity, origin, traceability and purity of food. 

Eurofins QTA, Inc. combines infrared technology and advanced modeling techniques, to provide rapid, on-site analysis solutions. Our team of experts make it easy to leverage the power of IR technology by handling the model development, ongoing validation, and long term performance monitoring.

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