How does NeoSpectra compare to traditional testing methods ?

NeoSpectra distinguishes itself from traditional testing methods in several key ways. It offers a simultaneous analysis of various parameters, providing a comprehensive understanding of the material under examination. The speed of the analysis is noteworthy, as NeoSpectra delivers quick results, enabling timely decision-making. The portability of NeoSpectra further sets it apart. Its compact design allows for on-site testing, providing real-time insights and results where they are needed. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also reduces the need for sample transportation and associated delays. NeoSpectra's capability for frequent testing ensures more informed decision-making, empowering users to make precise decisions when and where required. The device proves cost-effective by delivering results in a timely manner, contributing to overall operational effectiveness. In essence, NeoSpectra stands as a versatile and practical solution compared to traditional testing methods.

What kind of sample preparation is required for NeoSpectra analysis?

One of the key advantages of NeoSpectra analysis lies in its ability to conduct analyses with minimal to no sample preparation, leveraging the inherent benefits of NIR technology. This feature streamlines the analytical process, saving time and resources. In instances where sample preparation is necessary (e.g. grinding or heating), our user-friendly app provides clear and straightforward instructions. This ensures that users are guided through the preparation steps, promoting accuracy and consistency in results. To further enhance versatility, the NeoSpectra Scanner can be complemented with a range of sampling accessories. These accessories cater to various sample types, accommodating diverse analytical needs and expanding the scanner's applicability across different industries and scenarios.

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