Si-Ware Systems launches European distribution of NeoSpectra sensor for handheld and inline material analysis

Si-Ware Systems announces a European distribution network for its award-winning NeoSpectra spectral sensor module, an innovative miniaturized spectrometer.
October 18, 2016

Smallest, Miniature Spectrometer Engine Opens New Opportunities in Food, Pharma, Biomedical

LOS ANGELES, CA – Si-Ware Systems (SWS), a premier provider of IC- and MEMS-based solutions for industrial and consumer sensor applications, announced a European distribution network for its award-winning NeoSpectra™ spectral sensor module, an innovative miniaturized spectrometer engine enabling developers to design handheld and inline analyzers for field and onsite material analysis in a range of markets, from agriculture and food to biomedical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas. NeoSpectra is the smallest, lowest-cost near infra-red (NIR) module on the market.

The NeoSpectra sensors offer developers a finely-tuned sensor module to create portable devices that can instantly analyze materials on the spot – from chemical samples to pharmaceuticals, food and soil — through measuring spectral response. Delivering the same functionality as conventional “bench-top” spectrometers in labs, the module brings to end-users the ability to immediately quantify composition, detect impurities and ascertain quality, speeding analysis of samples from days to minutes without the need for offsite lab verification. NeoSpectra delivers added revenue potential to developers by enabling non-specialist professionals – from farmers to pharmacists – to conduct material analysis onsite rather than sending samples to a lab.

Si-Ware Systems has enrolled NeoSpectra distributors in the UK, Germany, and France.  “We are already seeing significant demand for handheld onsite material analysis in Europe, where we currently work with integrators in the agriculture and feed sectors,” said Scott Smyser, executive vice president, Si-Ware Systems. “Developers continue to approach us with ideas, and we now have a first-rate network of expert instrumentation distributors to which we can refer them. We look forward to an aggressive push into well primed regional markets.”

Distributors for Europe are Analytik Ltd for the United Kingdom and Ireland (Cambridge), Mountain Photonics GmbH for Germany (Landsberg am Lech), and Optoprim for France (Paris).  The distributors are all highly experienced technical sales professionals focused on optical analytical instrumentation and support.

NeoSpectra developers are currently designing ground-breaking integrated analytical equipment for applications including analysis of biological material for medical purposes, inline analyzers for large-scale factory-based processing, as well as portable analyzers for octane measurement in oil refineries, onsite food quality testing from harvest to retail stages, and instant testing of animal feed supplies.

“Across the EU, international quality standards such as six sigma and ISO are a major driver for portable and inline process spectroscopy,” said Fritz Tiede, president of Mountain Photonics GmbH. “NeoSpectra offers an ideal solution for this growing market, and we expect a robust response for this product.”

“There are a huge range of untapped applications for spectroscopy and few limitations using high-performance, rugged and cost-effective miniature devices such as the Neospectra, and we anticipate demand for such spectrometers to increase dramatically,” said Ian Laidlaw, managing director at Analytik.  ”Analytik prides itself on covering a highly diverse spread of industries and applications, including molecular spectroscopy. The Neospectra is an obvious fit for our focus on cutting-edge technologies for the world of science, and Si-Ware an excellent partner for us.”

“The instrument manufacturers we work with have a strong interest in controlling food processing, fuel equipment, and inline chemical processes,” said Arnaud Langlois, technical sales engineer at Optoprim. “NeoSpectra and Si-Ware are welcome additions to our portfolio of products and partners.”

About Si-Ware Systems

Si-Ware Systems (SWS) is an independent fabless semiconductor company that is fostering silicon innovation. SWS has two main businesses – ASIC Solutions and Optical MEMS Technology. ASIC Solutions provides custom ASIC development and supply, specializing in analog/mixed-signal and RF design. Focus areas of expertise for ASICs include sensor interfaces and MEMS, wireless, timing, and power management. Optical MEMS Technology has developed the worlds’ first single-chip FT-IR spectrometer under the brand name NeoSpectra™ (, using its unique platform – Silicon integrated Micro Optical Systems Technology (SiMOST™), that allows the creation of multiple optical components on silicon. SWS also incubates new and innovative semiconductor technology to bring to market, such an all-silicon Self Compensating Oscillator (SCO™). For more information, please visit

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