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New Partnership: NeoSpectra by Si-Ware and NutriControl provides customers with improved solutions for accurate in-field materials analysis

MENLO PARK, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--NeoSpectra by Si-Ware, the creator of NeoSpectra material analysis solutions built on single-chip FT-NIR spectrometers, has announced a partnership with NutriControl Analytical Solutions, a leading laboratory network based in the Netherlands serving the animal feed, dairy and food sectors. The partnership leverages NutriControl’s industry-leading calibration experience to provide users of NeoSpectra by Si-Ware’s portable NeoSpectra Scanner with quick, accurate materials sampling capabilities for a broad range of applications, including animal feed, food quality and pet food, empowering users with improved quality assurance and on-demand decision-making.

This partnership expands the applications available to customers in NeoSpectra by Si-Ware’s NeoSpectra Lab Store, a secure place to discover and subscribe to calibration models that are developed by NIR experts such as laboratories, researchers, companies and universities. From the NeoSpectra Lab Store, NeoSpectra Scanner users will now be able to subscribe to the calibration lines needed to perform accurate analysis across industry applications such as agriculture, food, life sciences and others.

“We’re excited to partner with NutriControl on this endeavor and pair their NIR calibration expertise with our user-friendly portable technology,” said Ralph Hewitt, vice president of global sales at NeoSpectra by Si-Ware. “Our team is dedicated to developing industry partnerships that strengthen our product accuracy, provide customers with the most options in the calibration lines they use, and introduce tangible benefits to our end users. Reliable calibration is essential to achieving fast and accurate materials analysis, and we feel even more confident in the accuracy of the results from our NeoSpectra Scanner by working with proven calibration partners like NutriControl.”

NutriControl develops NIR calibration lines and NIR cloud services that can be leveraged to analyze feed, grains, dairy products, silages, pet food and many other raw materials. The company’s calibration lines are based on a significant amount of classical wet chemical tests, benefiting NeoSpectra by Si-Ware’s global customer base by providing the necessary amount of variation for accurate use across multiple geographies.

“Our customers have long understood the need for accurate materials analysis, and now more than ever, they are searching for portable solutions to conduct real-time sampling and accurate measurements,” said Jörgen van den Ende, managing director at NutriControl. “Through our collaboration with NeoSpectra by Si-Ware, we now have the opportunity to implement our calibration lines on a portable system that will bring value to all global users.”

About NeoSpectra by Si-Ware

NeoSpectra by Si-Ware’s all-in-one, universal material analysis solution platform, built on a family of single-chip FT-NIR spectrometers, enables businesses to bring the lab to the field and makes the concept of analyzing anywhere with high return on investment a reality. Combining portable analyzers that have unprecedented performance and accuracy with the NeoSpectra Lab Store, a secure place to discover and download test methods developed by FT-NIR technology experts such as laboratories, researchers, universities, and companies, NeoSpectra by Si-Ware’s solutions deliver instant insights to industries such as agriculture, food, life sciences, and others. NeoSpectra by Si-Ware is headquartered in Menlo Park, California, with research and development centers in Paris, France and Cairo, Egypt. For more information, visit

About NutriControl

NutriControl is an independent commercial laboratory that operates in the feed, food and dairy markets. It is a part of the Royal Agrifirm Group, a cooperative of approximately 10,000 Dutch farmers and growers with over 3,000 Agrifirm employees. NutriControl is ISO-17025 accredited and has around 100 laboratory employees conducting more than 900,000 tests a year using more than 300 different methods. NutriControl is engaged in NIR technology since 1980 and is a global player in the field of NIR service, with a broad product portfolio. It has its own dedicated NIR department, which supports approximately 2,000,000 NIR-predictions a year for their worldwide customers. Through years of experience in the NIR field, NutriControl has a huge and unique database, with which high quality calibration lines are developed and maintained. For more information, visit


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