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NeoSpectra by Si-Ware Puts Customers, Technology First with Website Redesign

MENLO PARK, CA – NeoSpectra by Si-Ware, the creator of NeoSpectra material analysis solutions built on single-chip FT-NIR spectrometers, announced the launch of a new website at The redesigned website showcases the new NeoSpectra platform including industry-leading hardware, software, and NeoSpectra LabStore calibration offerings as well as expanded Solutions and Insights sections to help customers get information on the value derived from frequent on-site material analysis. 

“The new website marks an important update to Si-Ware Systems and reflects our progress in expanding our business from a pioneering MEMS FT-NIR technology developer and OEM source to a leading provider of on-site analytical solutions,” said Ralph Hewitt, Vice President of Global Sales at NeoSpectra by Si-Ware. “Similar to our product development process, we asked our customers what they wanted and needed from our website. The new website is a direct reflection of this input. It provides an enhanced customer experience, easy access to relevant information, and insight on critical processes in the agri-business, food, industrial, chemical and governmental sectors.” 

The redesigned website includes a number of new features:

  • Revised navigation. Based on customer feedback, the top menu and sitemap intuitively guide customers to segmented information based on their needs and goals. For example, the Solutions section is broken down by industry and contains information regarding measuring points, applications, and opportunities for realizing maximum value in each area.
  • Updated and engaging content: Content about NeoSpectra by Si-Ware’s product line and LabStore Partner calibrations is easy to understand and evaluate. Information-rich content on the technology is presented with clear graphics.
  • Fully responsive design for intuitive use on mobile devices.
  • Customer support: The Support section links videos, help sheets, and a variety of contact methods to our expanded global support team as part of the on-demand support options offered.

For more information, please see the website at For questions or comments on the redesign of the website, please send your inquiry to

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