Si-Ware launches small, lightweight NeoSpectra Scanner for in-field material analysis

Si-Ware introduces NeoSpectra-Scanner, a portable material analysis tool for on-site identification in diverse industries. Prototypes available October; commercial release in Q1 2020.
September 16, 2019

LOS ANGELES, CA – Si-Ware Systems is introducing the first handheld material analysis scanner with plug-and-play development capability for rapid deployment in the field or on the factory floor. The NeoSpectra-Scanner is built around Si-Ware’s award-winning NeoSpectra spectral sensor technology, with a wide spectral range for many applications. A market-ready tool for resellers, it is expected to help drive on-site material analysis into a broad range of industries.

The NeoSpectra-Scanner enables users to add on-site intelligence in their operations, instantly identifying and quantifying composition of materials used in farming, food processing, and industry. With the device’s streamlined 5-step application development, resellers and direct users can quickly deploy the tool to the field for their market of choice. The NeoSpectra core technology is already in use in portable soil analysis and animal feed scanning, and in health and beauty applications such as hair analysis at professional salons.

“We have seen a high degree of interest in handheld material analysis from several key industries,” said Dr. Bassam Sadaany, business unit manager, Si-Ware Systems. “They wanted to avoid the lag time of sending samples to a lab and also wanted their teams to have an out-of-the-box and cost-effective solution that didn’t require hours of development or calibration time. We developed the NeoSpectra-Scanner to enable both resellers and in-house teams to easily and quickly develop critical applications for almost any field or industrial environment.”

Market analysts expect the handheld spectral scanner niche to grow by 6-10 percent (CAGR) by 2023. Drug regulation, R&D investment in life science, and growing food safety concerns are some of the driving factors for the growth of the market. Other potentially large markets include cannabis, where spectroscopy can help with both soil and product analysis and sorting of plastic waste.

The NeoSpectra-Scanner offers a number of advantages over other portable scanners on the market. In addition to being smaller, lighter, and hardware- and software-ready, the scanner has a large spot size (up to 10 mm) for measuring non-homogenous materials such as grains and soils. It is also ruggedized for in-field use, conforming to IP65 protection standards. The tool is designed not only for point-and shoot-capability but also to rest on flat surfaces for above-scanner sampling, or for below-scanner sampling from a suspended position. It works with any Bluetooth enabled device to transfer information.

“Comparable solutions on the market have been much bulkier and costlier (tens of thousands of dollars), inhibiting mass adoption,” said Scott Smyser, executive vice president, Si-Ware Systems. “Our small and low-cost spectral sensor at the core of the scanner allows us to offer the first cost-effective material analysis tool for broad use anywhere, any time.”

Setting up the tool for use requires only independent characterization of materials, measurement of the materials with the scanner, and developing analysis models that correlate the two. The reseller or user develops the custom user application and display for smartphone, mobile device, or laptop. The plug-and-play development package includes the scanner, reference material, data collection software and a software development kit.

The Neospectra-Scanner runs on two 18650 batteries and when fully charged can execute more than 1000 scans. The tool offers Bluetooth connectivity for easy uploading of data to a mobile phone, tablet or a PC.


NeoSpectra-Scanner prototypes for early adopters will be available in October, with full commercial availability in Q1 2020.

About Si-Ware Systems

Si-Ware Systems (SWS) is an independent fabless semiconductor company that is fostering silicon innovation. SWS has two main businesses – ASIC Solutions and Optical MEMS Technology. ASIC Solutions provides custom ASIC development and supply, specializing in analog/mixed-signal and RF design. Focus areas of expertise for ASICs include sensor interfaces and MEMS, wireless, timing, and power management. Optical MEMS Technology has developed the worlds’ first single-chip FT-IR spectrometer under the brand name NeoSpectra™(, using its unique platform – Silicon integrated Micro Optical Systems Technology (SiMOST™), that allows the creation of multiple optical components on silicon. SWS also incubates new and innovative semiconductor technology to bring to market, such an all-silicon Self Compensating Oscillator (SCO™). For more information, please visit

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