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Si-Ware Systems and Dairyland Laboratories Join Forces to Provide Holistic End-to-End Analytical Solution to Feed Mills

[Menlo Park, June 22nd 2023] – Si-Ware Systems, a leading provider of integrated Near Infrared spectroscopy solutions, and Dairyland Laboratories, a renowned agricultural testing laboratory, are pleased to announce their collaboration in offering an innovative handheld analytical solution tailored for the analysis of feed and feed ingredients, with a specific focus on enhancing operations within feed mills. This comprehensive solution aims to save time, cost, and effort for feed mills, ensuring higher productivity, improved quality control, and easier record management for compliance with FSMA regulations.

The partnership leverages Si-Ware Systems' all-in-one NeoSpectra platform and Dairyland Laboratories' proficiency in feed testing. By combining their strengths, the two companies have developed a powerful tool that enables feed mills to perform accurate analyses more often and in less time.

KyleTaysom, CEO of Dairyland Laboratories, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “In a world where quality assurance testing for feed mills required samples to be sent off to a lab, the number of decisions those tests could inform was severely restricted to simple compliance and long term trend analysis. With NeoSpectra, feed mills now have access to practical real-time analysis which opens completely new decision points and actions that can be taken to improve feed quality and consistency.” 

The feed mill analysis package starts with Si-Ware Systems' NeoSpectra Scanner, intuitive mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, and the NeoSpectra Cloud portal. With this innovative platform, users can analyze a sample in seconds from anywhere, and the results  are instantly displayed on the mobile device and automatically synchronized to the NeoSpectra portal for further analysis, reporting, and secure record keeping. 

For the accurate analysis of feeds and feed ingredients, Dairyland Laboratories has developed, tested, and validated models to obtain results for critical parameters such as moisture, protein, fat, and fiber content, among others. This complete solution not only streamlines testing processes and reduces costs associated with laboratory testing but also enhances quality control, leading to improved product consistency


Mostafa Medhat, VP of Product & Business Development at Si-Ware Systems, emphasized the solution's benefits for feed mills, stating, “The integration of Dairyland Laboratories’ robust models for feed and feed ingredients into our platform allows offering a new holistic end-to-end approach to quality control and process optimization of animal feed production. For the first time, feed mill operators can increase frequency of testing at each stage of production without increasing analysis cost. In addition, feed mill managers can efficiently organize and retrieve historical records of the results to monitor supplier quality and better comply with regulations.”

The collaboration between Si-Ware Systems and Dairyland Laboratories addresses critical pain points within the animal nutrition industry. By providing real-time, on-site analysis with laboratory-grade accuracy, this innovative solution reduces costs, enhances quality, and improves consistency to all  stakeholders in the animal feed value chain.

For further information about the end-to-end handheld analytical solution for feed and feed ingredients, you can visit Si-Ware Systems' website. For information about availability contact Dairyland Laboratories directly at or Si-Ware Systems at

About Si-Ware Systems™

Si-Ware Systems is a deep tech company that is pioneering the advancements in Optical MEMS, Spectroscopy, and Cloud-based software solutions to build the NeoSpectra platform. The NeoSpectra platform is an all-in-one accurate, cost-effective, and versatile analytical solution that enables laboratories and businesses to bring lab-grade analysis to the point of need. NeoSpectra delivers instant actionable insights to streamline testing operations for businesses globally in agriculture, food, and other industries. Si-Ware is headquartered in Menlo Park, California, with research and development centers in the USA, France, and Egypt.

About Dairyland Laboratories, Inc.

Dairyland Laboratories is an independent agricultural laboratory providing analysis of feed, forage, soil, water, manure, molds and mycotoxins. Established in 1958, Dairyland Labs has grown to become a primary supplier of feed and forage analysis with customers in the world's primary dairy markets. For more information call Dairyland Laboratories, Inc. at 608-323-2123 or visit

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